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Okay so been a while since I posted and a lot....a lot has happened!

Okay well let's see Otakon was awesome it was loads of fun (I was sad that Anna couldn't go but yeah.) Corey, Cat, and Sarah came the night before to spend the night then we headed out the next day. AND~ The Hetalia gatherings were great and there was a Baccano! skit! I really want to do a skit now. Met Javits (spelling) who is really nice~ on the minus I got pick pocketed, it was only my ID but still. Meet a great Russia and Liet then a Iggy and Italy! (<3333 you guys)

Got back home and had my first attack like a few days after the con, I found out.

Then after that Cat and me went to the beach with my mom and her BF Bobby, who yelled enough to make me have flash backs of Rick yelling at me. Plus they kind of all the time. Besides that we only stayed until like Thursday just had enough.

Got back home had my second attack.

Then Cat and me hung out until Solveig got here from Germany on the 4th. The next day (Wednesday) we then went to Bush Gardens with Ania, Rei, Madison, and Italy-chan. It was fun! Rode the rides and watched the movies and saw the animals ^^

After on that on Thursday we went down to TN to take Cat back home. We did stuff around there, went to the aquarium and went to dinner with Corey and Halle it was fun. Solveig and me are now dating as well.~ Then the Wednesday of the next week we went down to 6 flags. (which has really weird hours) and they were closed. Sooo we went to Anna's house, but not before my third attack happened on the way there. We tried to go eat but the pain was soo bad that I couldn't breath. After about 3 or 4 hours...I decided to call my sister and ask a question.

Now if you are wondering attack?! Well I had my Gull Bladder and hell if you want pain try handling that for like 8 hours! So they took me to the ER and the doctor said that's what it was and it needed to come out. But I was in the next day me and Solveig drove back home...slowly.

For the next few days I was sick...and I mean SICK! I had a appointment with my doctor on Monday but seemed my Gull Bladder didn't agree. SO another trip to the hospital. And that's where I've been since then. Had it removed, yesterday and now going home today.

But yeah feeling a lot better now just a little pain but good.

Told you it was a lot. That's it really though. Just wanted to update whoever even reads my LJ anymore. Laters~
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