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This weekend went from yay interview to a down hill spiral of OMG WTFery...Let me begin the tale.

Day 1 of Hell

First Sat got up at 6am...couldn't sleep...I had the interview at King's Dominion which went good, they will call me....(hope they call) Then I was off to hang out with Rei and Ania, did that for a while until like...3 or 4. After that it was time to go home and clean some...did that til like 5, when my father came home....thus began day 1 of hell, which wasn't too bad...except the fact I wish I could have legally changed my name. Every min they wanted me for something...or just to piss me off, my sisters BF, who has been living with us now over a Fing month! but that is another story. After all that I had a headache and wanted to was a wonderful thing after all...too bad that my sister couldn't seem to go get food by herself, and had to drag me along...finally that night I crashed 11 or so...couldn't deal with anything else.

Day 2 of Hell.

The day started early...yet again, up at body just hates me. So waited around, until 12:30 then we went to meet my Grammy who wanted to go shopping...but recently (after dad told her) found out that I am not straight...which was a lot of awkward avoid the topic time. After going to a store, I repeat a store! That's 1!

She started in on me....with the you're confused, you don't like Solveig, it's a phase, you'll never earn enough to go over there to see he next summer...that last one was the one that caused me to cry...a lot. Then she wondered why I went quiet and why I wasn't talking anymore...I wonder why? So after she kept poking me for an hour...I told her and she said I don't see why that would upset you, you are confused! I finally had enough and told her to stop and that it took a lot to tell her and her saying that was like a slap in my face.

Then she cried...which as anyone knows...I am a wuss...and feel bad when others know empathic and all. I cried more and said sorry...she didn't say sorry...of course. But yeah, then went home, applied for 2 other jobs online. Hope they call too...

Then Monday came...may not be weekend anymore...but still had events so...xp

Woke up at 6am again...WHY BODY! WHY!. Didn't have to be up until like...8am...but stayed up and did things. Like eat breakfast~ Then was off to class, first class was good, expect professor wanted to get into a fight with me. My phone has been turning off and on by it's self and it turned on during class and my sister called, therefore it rang with a very loud Soul Eater OP. She said she was going to take 5 points off daily grade I was like "No...doesn't mention that in the syllibie...funny..." She stared and was like, " read that..." So Jensen got to keep her points thank you very much!

Then came home for my 2 and half hour break between classes...that didn't last long, then left...but guess what...a) there was no class and b) I forgot my essay at home...good thing for no class.

Came home, got to talk to Solveig (who is my saving grace!) Then dad got home...yelled at me about nothing...then helped with dinner...Scott came home...(that phrase kills me)...Still talked to Solveig, and then dad came in room...told me to silence the mic...aka time to yell and not want your gf to hear this. Seemed my grammy told my dad a different story about me yelling for no reason and being unreasonable. So just sat there, talked to Solveig until she headed to bed...Then talked to Spooky and Cat some and here I am now...I am going to flop soon...cause I'm tired again.

Hope tomorrow doesn't turn into day 4...

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