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Who rocks? BLACK BEARD'S REVENGE does that's who!

Okay so for Saturday night we totally got Maze of the night! Woooooooooot! All that hard work scaring people worked out!

But yeah I got a pic of me in my make-up XDDD Arrrrrr!


Scared one guy so bad he screamed like a little girl!

I will post the pics of me and Solveig soon too~
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Well I'm off tomorrow...stupid rain!

Cause I work as a outdoor haunt member if it rains...I no work ; ;

Oh well...not much I can do about it...unless I could control the weather 0o If I find out how to do that, I'll let you all know.

But yeah as you can see got the King's Dominion job, I had to go in on Wednesday and get my outfit and place. I'm a Pirate~ lol which I still find funny. But yeah will be working Sunday though ... I hope 0o

In other news...I need to learn to calm my worrying ... I feel like I'm a real bother sometimes, but then again this crying for nothing stuff could be because of the curse... I'm off now anyone can call me if they like.

With RP wise seems that everyone I know at AP is leaving ... I don't want the game to go down. But we are losing the older members *sigh* I will stay until the end, I guess I just miss when there were things to do ... I hope this change happens soon.

Roleplayedingly...guys seriously...we need to take God down, or at least kick God's butt so God will do more. Spazzu agreed God just isn't doing anything anymore ; ;


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