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I went to the doctor today cause I was feeling like Blah most the weekend. First they made us working in the cold and rain all weekend. So yeah...with a Auto immune...not a good idea.

But the doctor told me I have a upper respiratory infection @_@ That if I'm not careful can turn into pneumonia...Fun right?

I am going to go curl up into a ball now...
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What is with me and bad weekends?

So basically work last weekend...was good except I'm stupid and ran into this one box repeatedly. Rolling both my ankles and almost breaking my hand. Which got an X-ray it is really badly sprained! So I couldn't walk on I couldn't work.

Then on Monday my computer crashed...completely...*sigh* and I don't have to money to fix it. But me and dad are going to figure out something.

And certain people are really pushing me over the where I no longer want to deal with them. I wish I had a backbone and people would stop treating me like a doormat or punching bag. Am I not a good friend?

Then my dad being random...I will go into that later.

Anyway...that was the weekend in a nutshell ^^ At least I'm off of school on Thurs and Fri.


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